Innovative records management since 1976

Codafile provides filing and storage solutions for the digital age, with products and services that go way beyond traditional filing.

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Introducing Codafile TrackNPrint

TrackNPrint delivers a scalable and cost effective solution to improve efficiency and effectiveness in Information Management.

Design your own label templates with your choice of colours, characters, barcodes, images and logos. Create an unlimited number of template designs for any A4 label stock and match any existing colour coding system.

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Codafile’s tailored filing and storage solution will help you improve productivity, and save valuable floor space, time and cost.

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Codafile - Records Management

Codafile has been a leading innovator in records management for more than 27 years. We provide sophisticated consumables, software and consultancy, our solutions meeting the needs of all sectors, from government, institutional, medical and banking through to corporates, small-to-medium enterprises to home-based independent contractors.

Our objective is to help business be more effective. We do this by reducing the space required for records storage, making access easier for staff filing or retrieving records, and saving time.

We are able to provide staff top consult with you, conduct on-site surveys and interviews, assess your needs and provide recommendations for better long-term records management.