Colour Coded Filing Systems

Colour Coded Filing Systems:

Codafile is a leading innovator in the Records Management Industry since 1976; it provides products and services covering records management consultancy, records management software, and consumable items to cater for all filing and storage needs. The company has been proudly supplying record keeping solutions for organisations throughout Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia, including government, medical, corporate and small/medium enterprises who are looking for effective administration of the most valuable company assets – information, floor space and time.

Codafile’s tailored filing and storage solutions system will help you achieve your goals and objectives. Whether you are: Planning a move or upgrading existing premises or want to improve productivity and save valuable floor space.

save floor space.tifFeatures and Benefits:

Increase Productivity
Codafile colour coded systems are both quick and simple to use. Time spent in file retrieval is greatly reduced allowing more productive use of staff time.

Codafile filing can save substantial floor space up to 70% when stored in purpose designed cabinets or shelves. In comparison to a standard lever arch file which has a fixed spine width of 75mm, Codafile could expand to the size of the documents the file holds. Codafile system files are also stored laterally and therefore are able to be stored to high levels.

Save Cost
Codafile products will reduce your purchasing cost on filing products by up to 50%.

End Misfiling
Codafile colour coding makes it easy to find at a glance and eliminates all possibilities of misfiling. Any misplaced files can be identified immediately.

Software Option
With Codafile TracknPrint, files are electronically recorded, tagged and monitored. You will never lose track of a single file ever again.

Some Other Benefits of Codafile Filing System
Codafile is light and easy to carry in comparison to traditional filing products such as fully loaded lever arch files. With Codafile system, documents can be laid flat and photocopied easily; they can also be added or removed without removing all documentation.

Comparison of a conventional file storage (left) and a Codafile system (right)